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Jacobsen's Skin & Body Care

A Unique Boutique Salon Comprised of a Team

of Independant Professionals

Spray Tanning Products

Our products are designed by the manufacturer of our spray tan solution. These products are top of the line and will help your prepare for your tan session and extend the life of your tan. Grocery store products are full of harmful chemicals that will break down your tan and lessen its life.

Moisturizer & Tan Extender

Our tan extender beats out the competition! We've formulated a perfect blend of naturally derived ingredients; vegan based tan extender lotion that is suited for all skin types. It is a daily moisturizer with a hint of tanning ingredients (DHA) that will help build and keep your off the beach tan. $16.00 each

Body Wash

A great body wash to use after spray tanning sessions. This body wash is gentle on your skin, without any acidic ingredients that will harm your beautiful spray tan. This body wash will protect your tan compared to other retail products on the market that would otherwise remove your tan. $16.00 each

Exfoliating Body Scrub

A great before tan treatment, this exfoliator is spa grade and contains natural extracts to thoroughly prep and polish your skin for a gorgeous spray tan. $16.00 each